Twitter is a Mom’s BFF!

January 3rd, 2012

I am asked a lot why the hell I’m on my phone so much.  To be honest, I’m on Twitter…99.95% of the time…the other .05% is time texting my two daughters and checking emails…as I get a shit load emails every single day.

At the beginning of 2011, my year fell apart.  I was expecting my fourth baby and things went awry and I lost the baby…I was off work for over 3 months…and well, pretty much the only support I had beyond my mom was Twitter and the people on twitter.  Many of the gals brought me treats…cupcakes and cola…or told me that they knew exactly how I felt or that they had been in the same position as me.

Twitter was my comfort when Big Red and I were in the deepest darkest moments of our relationship and Twitter Friends helped me move out of the home when the drinking and drugs became more than I could cope with.  Twitter Friends helped me move furniture, helped me find a new place to live, provided trucks and cars to move my tons of crap because Big Red threw his hands in the air and said “you left, you move it.”

I have met people all over the planet!  Have been helped with everything from tech questions, to health questions.  I have laughed with people, till tears ran down my face.  I have cried with people, until I could cry no more.  I knew that at any hour of any day, while I was in the grips of panic attacks, I could get on twitter and someone would be there to chat with, to offer a supportive quip or to just say “man, that is fucking shitty!!!”

Twitter really is like a party.  A great party that you never ever want to leave.  The people make you laugh and cry.  They hand you a beer and slap you on the back.  The truth is….if you aren’t on Twitter…you just don’t GET Twitter…and if you don’t get Twitter…you are missing out.  You may not understand it.  You may not even enjoy it, but I am here to tell you this much….don’t be a dick to people who are on it and are connected.

My children and my Twitter “family” were the only things that kept me from ending it all last February…if I hadn’t had those two things, I would be writing this post today.




3 Responses to “Twitter is a Mom’s BFF!”

  1. melissa says:

    wow, it’s been almost a year?! glad you’re here and doing ok, thank goodness for twitter! xoxo

  2. Desiree says:

    I know exactly how you feel. When my father died, my “Twitter family” got me through it…people who think of Twitter as a promotional tool or a waste of time simply don’t get the community part of it all. I’m glad you got through it. And I hope 2012 is a better year for you (and me!).

  3. Jennifer says:

    I think friends can come from a variety of different places, and my only friends are my favorites. I wish they all lived down the block from me so that I could see them in person all the time.

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